Welcome to QCLIGS. Simply quality consulting within IT businesses, Delivering the todays and future IT business applications and systems. QCLIGS has the technical knowledge in IT, Telecoms, automotive and with excellent experience in requirement management and efficient estimation procedure, in close collaboration with the customer/supplier to deliver the agreed result in time and to the right cost. Our clients requirements are met speedily and with starndard methods of approach

What I Do

QCLIGS offers consultancy within IT system engineering/development,Software Architecture, HW/SW development, System analysis and design, Test & verification of IT and embedded systems. QCLIGS has delivered efficient IT system analysis, Mobile application,embedded application development, web services, business development and IT consulting services in the Nordic region and beyond.


Who I Am

QCLIGS is an IT organisation based in Goteborg, Sweden. QCLIGS idea was conceived by an individual, put together by group of professionals who are dedicated and with sound background of cognate experience, in problems and solutions related to: Information Technology Management services, Application design/ software development,microservices architecture, software development & testing, automotive system standards & diagnostics, Telecommunications and e-commerce QCLIGS delivers qualities over the years


My Work

QCLIGS portfolio hooks Embedded application development, POS systems data migration unto Android platform, Application development/software testing within telecoms/automotive, software & Technical requirements,Cloud architecture, automotive Electrical systems & basetech diagnostics standard and functioning e-commerce platforms.

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QCLIGS assures quality and efficient solutions.